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Jindent Code Formatter for Java/C/C++ 4.1.0

Jindent Code Formatter for Java/C/C++ 4.1.0
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License: Shareware
Size: 44.5 MB
Date added: 2010-12-18
Downloads: 27
Downloads - Last week: 0
Price: $38.00
OS: Windows2003 , Windows2000 , Windows Vista Ultimate x64 , Windows Vista Ultimate , Windows Vista Starter , Windows Vista Home Premium x64 , Windows Vista Home Premium , Windows Vista Home Basic x64 , Windows Vista Home Basic , Windows Vista Enterprise x64 , Windows Vista Enterprise , Windows Vista Business x64 , Windows Vista Business , Windows , WinXP , WinNT 4.x , WinME , Win98 , Win95 , Win7 x64 , Win7 x32 , Unix , OpenVMS , Mac OS X 10.5 , Mac OS X 10.4 , Mac OS X 10.3 , Mac OS X 10.2 , Mac OS X 10.1 , Mac OS X , Mac OS 9 , MS-DOS , Linux Open Source , Linux Gnome , Linux GPL , Linux Console , Linux , Java , AS/400
System Requirements: Pentium 233 MHz; 128MB RAM

Jindent is a powerful source code formatter for Java, C and C++.A program like Jindent is also referred to as a Java formatter, C++ formatter, pretty printer, code beautifier or indent tool.

Jindent empowers you to transform any foreign Java/C/C++ source code to meet your preferred coding style or any common code convention.

Jindent's formatting features cover:

- Support for Java/C/C++
- Intelligent line wrapping
- Scope related indentation
- Brace style transformation
- Insertion of parantheses and braces
- Blank line and white space formatting
- Semantic source code separation
- Sorting of source code elements
- Insertion and substitution of header and footer
- Conversion between character and end-of-line encodings
- Javadoc validation, formatting and template-driven generation
- Understands Java 5.0 source code including SQLJ-Statements
- More than 300 settings for Java and more than 250 settings for C/C++

Jindent plugins available for the most common IDEs:

- Eclipse
- Netbeans
- JDeveloper
- IntelliJ IDEA
- JBuilder

Jindent is the leading commercial solution among all Java source code formatter tools and has proven its functionality and stability worldwide.

More than 1000 companies and organizations are utilizing Jindent to achievebetter source code quality.

Our customers' domains include:

- Software development, banking, stock market, logistics, insurance, automotive, aviation and semi-conductor, etc.
- Public authorities, military and educational institutions

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Jindent 4.2.4 -  Jindent is a powerful source code formatter for the Java, C and C++ programming languages. ... (2/0) download
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