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FollowMovie 2.0.0
FollowMovie is a shareware to improve your foreign language with movies. With it, you can create learning material with DVD-Video; set difficulty level to each dialogue; and export mp3 file, you can learn any place any time.
Translation Pad 1.95
Translation Pad is a simple machine language translation software. Translation Pad converts text from english to german, french, spanish, italian and portuguese and vice versa.
ProLingo English Chinese, Chinese English Talking Dictionary 1.2.15
ProLingo English to Chinese talking dictionary for Windows OS

Julius 1.0.1

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Translate arabic digits into roman digits. Julius is a simple converter for the translation of numbers written with arabic digits into roman digits. The use of Julius is very easy: you simply write the number (strictly positive, no decimal, under 4000), click on the convert button, and the Roman version of your number is displayed, in a copy-enabled field.

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