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Software License Tracker Pro 2.9
Software License Tracker Pro is a flexible software license management system for Windows users.
IMM Conversion 6.05
Now users can easily get IMM Conversion to PST, MBOX and EML with the help of IncrediMail IMM Converter Tool. The Software would assist users to Convert IMM Emails to PST, MBOX and EML with accurate manner.
Super Prize Wheel 2.1.1
Retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows, parties and games are a perfect place to use a prize wheel. With the fun environment it brings to the event, it is a sure way to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting.

Just Stuff 2.1

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Useful utilities combined into a One app Just Stuff 2.1 is an assortment of simply and useful utilities combined into a one application.Clipboard to Upper/Lower/Proper CaseClick on the oClipboard to Upper Case and the text in the Clipboard is set to upper case. Click it again and it is set to Lower Case. Click it again and it is set to Proper Case.Count Lines in ClipboardClick the Count Lines button. It counts the number of lines in you clipboard. If you click the exclude blank lines check box, it will not count the blank lines.Email SetupEnter Exchange Server name in text box labeled oExchange Server. Enter Exchange Account name in text box labeled oExchange Account. Then Enter in Email Subject, Message Find ASCII Value-Enter Character in Text Box on the left and ASCII value is displayed in the Text Box on the right-Enter Numeric value between 0 - 255 in Text Box on the right and the Character value is Displayed in the Text Box on the leftFind String LengthEnter or Paste string into Text box. The length of the string is displayed in next to oString Length: label. Move cursor thought string using arrow keys or the mouse, and the current Cursor Position length from the begging of the string is displayed next to the oCursor Position: LabelFind Value in DatabaseFind Value in Database will find one or all instances of a value in a database. It searches the entire database for the value specified in the search string text box. To use Find Value in Database enter in the server name into the text box labeled oServer. Enter a Database name in the text box labeled oDatabase. Enter a user name into the text box labeled in oUser Name and a password in the text box labeled oPassword. You can leave the User Name and Password text boxes blank if authentication is not required. Then Enter in a value you would like to search for in the oSearch String text box. If you would like to check the system tables check the check box labeled oCheck Systems and if you would like to fi

IMM Conversion matched in SoftList
FilePad -  Ever needed a print out of the stuff you just put on a CD? now you can do it... list your folders and/or files, give them nice lettering (say for a music CD)... edit the list, save it for later, or print it ... (25/0) download
Code Test Bed 1.1 -  Something that’s lightweight that will let you code just the stuff that you need to try and nothing else. With it, you can code in C# or VB. ... (1/0) download
Pigeonhole Portable Organizer 1.30.10 -  Ever wished you could just type stuff and find it again without having to save it and then remember what you called the file and which folder you put it in? Well now you can with Pigeonhole. ... (1/0) download
Stuff Organizer 0.4.6 -  Stuff Organizer is a free open source catalog application. You can organize your stuff (movies, softwares, games, musics, e-books or whatever. ... (1/0) download
Just After Shot 2007.1.1.4 -  Just After Shot lets you to quickly transfer your pictures from your camera (keeping the original date and time). ... (3/0) download
CyberSmart Toolbar 1.2 -  CyberSmart Toolbar - Use the simple descriptive categories to get directly to great stuff you want when you want it. Just in time. Easily and quickly. ... (2/0) download
Steam Clock 1.0 -  Are you a machines and other engineering stuff fan? I am sure you will just love this program. Steam Clock Screensaver brings a mechanical wonder to your desktop. This great screensaver will take you to a very different place. ... (0/0) download
Just Data Extractor 1.0.17 -  Just Data Extractor is the most powerful and easy-to-use data extraction software for web scraping and data extraction from the websites. Just Data Extractor will benefit a wide range of computer users. ... (1/0) download
Just Wallpaper 3.5 -  Just Wallpaper is a fantastic tool that lets you manage and display all of your Windows' wallpaper. You set up your own themes and add all the wallpaper images you desire. ... (1/0) download
Just Banners 4.01 -  Just Banners has a built-in studio that lets you create banners for any use. Add frames and make your banner animated or generate static banners, any size you need. Add text, lines, shapes and other objects as well as skinned Windows controls for ... (69/0) download