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FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server 9.05
Trusted Server Backup, Drive Clone and Migration Software for Businesses. Total Backup Recovery is an easy-to-use and powerful backup software which ensures business can be quickly restored from system down, virus, data lose, or other disaster.
PCNumen Backup Ultimate 5.3
It allows users to install it on all computers within one company to backup files. FTP feature makes backup files to servers easily. COST-EFFECTIVE backup software for companies.
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery 6.0
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery fixes a corrupt MS Exchange server and recovers the individual mailboxes with all the Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and Tasks. The tool enables exporting the recovered EDB file to a live Exchange server.

LaCie Silverkeeper 1.1.2

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(512k): 44 s
(1Mb): 22 s
(2Mb): 11 s
(5Mb): 05 s
(10Mb): 03 s

Automate external backups to LaCie drives. SilverKeeper is a freeware application from LaCie that automates Backups to external storage devices like hard disks optical disks, and other removable storage devices that have IDE, ATAPI, SCSI, USB, or Firewire interfaces. Essentially any read/write device that can mount on the Macintosh Desktop can be used with SilverKeeper.

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LaCie Private-Public 1.0 -  Using state-of-the-art encryption technology, LaCie Private-Public is a standalone application. Sitting on your LaCie USB Key or any other mobile device, it does not need to be installed on a computer to run. ... (11/1) download
Lacie Data Recovery 2.0 -  Lacie is a computer hardware company. External hard drive is one of the best product of the company. It has large capacity of up to many terabytes. ... (5/1) download
LaCie Network Assistant 1.5 -  LaCie Network Assistant is a great program that that gives you the possibility to check the network and see what's going on. First you have to download the application, and then install on your computer. ... (5/2) download
LaCie IP Configurator 2.0 -  The LaCie IP configurator is an easy tool for mapping and configuring the LaCie Ethernet Disks on the network. Designed for Ethernet Disk (rack), Ethernet Disk mini and Ethernet Big Disk. ... (5/2) download
LaCie SAFE drive with encryption 1.0 -  With its revolutionary hardware encryption, the LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive guaranties ultimate security for your highly confidential data. Files stored on the hard disk are automatically coded—without transfer rate compromise. ... (4/1) download
LaCie PC Lock 1.7 -  With LaCie PC/Mac® Lock software, it's easy to keep all your files safe and secure—simply by using the LaCie USB key that you already own. PC/Mac Lock allows you to log on and off your computer simply by inserting a USB key. ... (3/1) download
LaCie Backup Software 1.7 -  LaCie Backup Software is a powerful and easy to use application that allows you to make backups of all your important data without the need to configure complicated and confusing incremental, scheduling, or password securing functions. ... (5/2) download
LaCie Desktop Manager 1.4 -  LaCie Desktop Manager unlocks the full potential of your LaCie hard drive. It will allow you to see advanced information on your drive and to configure Eco Mode. ... (4/2) download
LaCie Safe Manager 1.0 -  LaCie Safe Manager is only required on one computer to configure the drive for authentication by password and to manage users. ... (5/2) download
LaCie Device Updater 4.1 -  This updater version is for use with LaCie d2 and Porsche products using FireWire interface.It contains the latest configurations roms and firmwares, increase performances and also makes our product range Vista compatible. ... (5/2) download