LoL Worlds 1.1

LoL Worlds 1.1

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Check out what's happening at the Riot Games League of Legends S3 World Championship anytime, anywhere!
LoL World Champs app keeps you continuously updated on all there is know about the whole championship, from group stages to the spectacular grand final! No need to skip work or class to follow the games, we've got you covered.

Watch VODs or live matches, check out individual match statistics, read live-updated play-by-play (for those who can't watch stream), set reminders for the matches YOU want to watch, and much more--all on your iOS device!

As huge fans of League of Legends, we know how important these matches are for you, so our team is dedicated in bringing match information at Homeguard speed! We will have descriptive, real-time play-by-plays for you as the teams battle it out LIVE. You wont miss any important events! Completed match information and stats will be ready right when the game ends.

Please send us any suggestions or complaints you may have! We want to make this app as best as we can, and we can't do it without your feedback!

Fan of EU and NA LCS? Check out our LoL eSports App for coverage during the S4 Spring and Summer season.

Current Features:

- Live-updated, real-time play-by-plays for all games, for both LIVE and COMPLETED matches. Who needs streams?
- Watch live matches or VODs in your phone with just a single tap!
- Accurate and detailed match information (Player KDA, Gold, length, etc) for every match in the S3 World Championship.
- Notification reminders, countdown timers, and automatic local time conversion so you'll never miss a game.
- Schedule page that lets you know when your favorite team play.
- Information about all 14 Worlds team at your fingertips.
- Intuitive design to give you the best experience possible.
- Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitz anyone?
Changes: - added ability to watch match video within the app
- tons of bug fixes
- redesigned match view

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