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MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition v1.1

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MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition is the solitaire, tile-removal version of the ancient MahJong game. As you know, spiritual beings prefer to follow the original roar that has started this Universe and so in MahJong 2000 there is only one rule left, and that is: see, if you can win. MahJong is an ancient Chinese game that is traditionally played by four players who have to observe hundreds of sophisticated rules. MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition is the solitaire, tile-removal version of MahJong.The aim is to remove the tiles from the deck by selecting free pairs of tiles that either show the same face or belong to the same suit as in the case of season and flower tiles. In MahJong 2000 - Luxury Edition, you also can select Automatic Play to see how the tile removal works. The entire set of tiles is observable by means of an Info button and this way you can study how random selection distributes a number of objects and which patterns develop under the wings of chance. It is also interesting to investigate the dependencies amongst tiles and possibly develop a method that leads to an open path for a straight win.

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