Map Puzzle U.S.A. 1.0.2

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This interactive geography puzzle teaches kids to name and identify the 50 U.S. states along with their capitals and major cities. With its 14 separate puzzles and immersive, game-like atmosphere, Map Puzzle U.S.A. will appeal to kids of all ages. This interactive software blends learning with entertainment as it teaches U.S. geography in a colorful, feature-rich environment. Consisting of 14 separate puzzles, Map Puzzle U.S.A. has been meticulously designed to teach kids to name and identify the 50 U.S. states along with their capitals and major cities. The programls kid-friendly, intuitive interface provides an immersive, game-like atmosphere that learners of all ages will enjoy. Whether youlre a novice or an expert, Map Puzzle U.S.A. delivers a fun and exciting way to explore U.S. geography.

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