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Matrix Calculator 1.0.10

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Calculate equations using the Matrix method, and view the steps No help files included so read the descriptionYou can input equations like:4x+5y=62y+x=7Or 4x+2y+3z=6x+y+z=7x-y-z=5And it will solve the equations using the matrix method.For the 1st one it will solve for x and y For the 2nd one it will solve for x,y and zYou can input equations with up to 9 variablesYou can later view the steps that were involved in solving the equation. So it's basically for intermediate algebra students. You'll need to simplify your equations before you can enter them (including decimals and fractions).For example you cannot enter 5x+5-y=zYou'll need to enter it as: 5x-y-z=-5I make no guarantees for the accuracy, all I can say is I tested the program with a lot of equations and it worked fine.Hope it helps'Updates in 1.0.1*Fixed a bug, that didn't allow manipulation of large numbers'Updates in 1.0.4*Added a couple of error handling features*Added a feature that, memorizes the number of variables from last time'Updates in 1.0.10*Fixed a bug, caused because of the last update, which did not allow manual entering of negative numbers into the matrix*Added some minor enhancements

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