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Member Organizer Pro 2.9
Membership Manager for Windows. Our software gives you an easy way to manage, track, and organize data of small organizations, sociaties, clubs, camps, interest groups, associations, health clubs..
Contact Organizer Pro 2.9
Contact Organizer Pro is a flexible contact management software for Windows users. Our software solution gives you an easy way to gather, organize and manage information about all your business contacts.
LeaderTask Portable 5.5.9
LeaderTask is a business organizer for a modern person. LeaderTask has a smart system for managing projects, tasks, contacts, events.

MDE InfoHandler 10.3

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MDE InfoHandler is a multipurpose information manager for your PC and Pocket PC that you can use to organize notes, documents, web links, e-mail and news messages, dates, programs, and more, using a uniform and sophisticated interface. It features a very powerful categorization method including hierarchical organization of categories, master-slave relationships, text and number type categories, and efficient automatic categorization based on analyzing the text of an info item (InfoItem) or of linked documents. Another special features are two universal time stamps which you can set freely and use for sorting or filtering the item list. The InfoItems are stored in special databases called InfoBases and you can have several different windows for the same InfoBase simultaneously open side by side. You can view the InfoItems either as a table sorted by three of its columns or as a set of trees formed by hierarchically structured category groups - possibly constrained by set-up filters for categories or time. Many kinds of drag & drop include dragging web links and documents from browsers, emails from MS Outlook (Express), creating InfoItems as a result. You can also drag InfoItems between InfoBases copying or moving them. Active links to external objects include those to web pages and documents as well as between InfoItems in the same or in different InfoBases. The text of an InfoItem can be richly formatted and you can store paragraph and/or character formats for later re-application - manually or automatically using a find-replace dialog. Other features include several methods for text search, alarms bound to InfoItems, flexible print options, customizable toolbars, various data export and import including with the Pocket PC companion, and the InfoShooter which lets you create new InfoItems on the fly. InfoHandler can be of help if you are using your PC on a daily basis to assist you with your professional or hobbyist requirements to master a flood of information.

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MDE InfoHandler 2008 11.1.86 -  MDE InfoHandler is a multipurpose information manager for your PC and Pocket PC that you can use to organize notes, documents, web links, dates, programs, and more, using a uniform and sophisticated interface. ... (3/0) download
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