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Secure Auditor 3.0
Secure Auditor suite is a unified digital risk management solution for conducting automated audits on Windows, Oracle and SQL databases and Cisco devices.
Windows Cleaner 2.1
Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics! Cover your internet tracks! Delete cookies, typed URLs and more!
KGB Employee Monitor 4.51
Monitor employees or remote computers in real time with a centralized, computer-based surveillance system. Whether you are a manager or a system administrator, KGB Employee Monitor makes it easy to monitor multiple workstations from a single PC.

Migo Digital Shredder

Migo Digital Shredder
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When you shred your documents with Migo Digital Shredder Premium you can be confident that the files you choose to shred are completely and permanently deleted from your PC or other digital devices. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that no one can access your private and personal files once they have been shredded with Migo Digital Shredder Premium.

* Triple Overwrite - Data Shredding - capabilities meet and exceed the US Department of Defense standards and cannot be recovered with any other software program
* Password Protection - prevents unauthorized users from shredding information on your computer
* Multiple Device Compatibility - works with hard drives, USB thumb drives, SD Memory Cards and more
* IM Chat History Protection - completely removes all traces of outdated MSN Internet Messenger chat history
* Inaccessible Web Activity Traces - permanently remove traces of Web activities - history, cookies, Internet cache and more
* Identity Protection - shred personal and business financial documents to protect yourself against identity theft and financial attacks
* Office and Email Protection - remove Office documents, calendars, address books and email content from Outlook Express and Outlook
* Dump the Windows Recycle Bin - permanently delete all, or parts, of your Windows Recycle
* Drive Space Optimizer - scan for and shred open/free hard drive space
* Auto Shred Cycle Support - set up schedule times to perform shredding tasks
* Flexible Shredding Capabilities - you choose how much or how little you wish to shred and permanently remove from your PC or other devices

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