MusicBoss v1.06

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MusicBoss is a suite of digital audio tools designed for mobile disc jockeys and music enthusiasts. Modules include "Grabber", "Air Studio", "Music Vault", "Event Planner", and "Utilities". Grabber digitally extracts your CD audio, and encodes it to MP3 format using a fast encoder from Xing Technologies. Song information is downloaded automatically from Gracenote (formerly CDDB). Air Studio helps you find, play, and mix your songs. It can play multiple stereo MP3 files simultaneously for perfect segues. Music Vault lets you add, categorize, and maintain audio files. You can set fade points and introduction times, print lists, and more. Event Planner builds play lists. It tracks customers, displays play histories, and much more. Utilities convert file formats and sample rates, normalize your files, and perform database maintenance.