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Member Organizer Pro 2.9
Membership Manager for Windows. Our software gives you an easy way to manage, track, and organize data of small organizations, sociaties, clubs, camps, interest groups, associations, health clubs..
Contact Organizer Pro 2.9
Contact Organizer Pro is a flexible contact management software for Windows users. Our software solution gives you an easy way to gather, organize and manage information about all your business contacts.
LeaderTask Portable 5.5.9
LeaderTask is a business organizer for a modern person. LeaderTask has a smart system for managing projects, tasks, contacts, events.

Network Reminder 1.3.1

Network Reminder 1.3.1
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Network Reminder is a software created especially for the enterprise. With this advanced tool you can share your reminders and commands with your colleagues (local and remote users). It creates a common environment.

Network Reminder allows you to set alarms or execute programs at a specified time. You can set reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one-time basis.

All your messages and commands will be secured safely using 256-bit AES encryption. Support of informative log files is included. The program is flexible and easy to use.

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