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NewBasic Assembler (NBASM) v00.24.00 beta

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NewBasic Assembler (NBASM) is a small, easy-to-use assembler for Microsoft DOS and the Intel x86 processor. NewBasic Assembler is aimed mainly at learning assembly language programming. NBASM assembles most instructions up to and including the 80x286 instruction set. It has support for 32-bit registers and some of the 80x386 instructions.

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Flat Assembler 1.69.35 -  The flat assembler is a fast and efficient self-assembling x86 assembler for DOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. Currently it supports x86 and x86-64 instructions sets with MMX, 3DNow! ... (19/0) download
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Pass32 Assembler v2.4 -  Pass32 Assembler is an x86 assembler for creating protected mode and DOS applications. The assembler is a combination assembler and linker. When performing protected mode programming the Dos Extender Pro32 is linked to the program. ... (323/0) download
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