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OBISDecode 1.0

OBISDecode 1.0

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OBIS (OBject Identification System)
Reference: DLMS User Association Blue book, IEC 62056-61, IEC 62056-62

Most of the contemporary electronic energy and gas meters use OBIS system for identifying the data visible on the display (LCD), and data transferred via any communication interface.

Many people do not understand the meaning of the data on their meters LCD. With the help of OBISDecode, one can understand what appears on the LCD.

The full OBIS code structure consists of 6 groups - A, B, C, D, E and F. For easy interpretation there are delimiters in-between the values
A - B : C . D . E * F
In the case of a manual reset, the delimiter '&' can be used instead of '*'.

Only groups C and D are mandatory. Normally, groups C.D.E do identification on the LCD
In order to decode the OBIS-code select the values in the groups in a sequence from A to F.
Any selection in any group will implement the change of possible selection for the remaining groups.
Therefore, after selecting group C, the set of the possible values in the group D is limited to the possible values according to the standard; so all values that are manufacturer specific or are not relevant with the group C selection are omitted. The same is with the group E after selection in gropes D and with group F after selection in grope E.

For people, working with DLMS, there is additional information for Interface Classes (IC), which can be used with particular OBIS code. For instance, if you see in the first row of the text ( IC = 3/4 ) this mean that the preferable class is 3, and 4 is the alternative class.

The program can decode only standard codes. All manufacturer specific, or Utility specific, codes are not included.