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Leonardo da Vinci Wallpapers 1.0
Bring Leonardo da Vinci art to your computer desktop! Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian High Renaissance painter and scientist, an all-round genius whose paintings and inventions changed the world...
Active Wallpaper Changer 3.80
Tired of boring desktop wallpaper? Would you like an adjustable calendar highlighting important dates on your desktop? Want to download new wallpapers from the Internet? Then Active Wallpaper Changer is for you!
Garden [AD] 5.07
"Garden" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at the Animated Desktop Wallpaper "Garden"! This is a beautiful garden. You will see the a white swan and many.

Only Kittens Screen Saver 1.01

Download: Download Site 1
(512k): 10 s
(1Mb): 05 s
(2Mb): 03 s
(5Mb): < 1 sec
(10Mb): < 1 sec

Only Kittens Screen Saver cotnains images of pertty kittens. Big size high quality pitcures (10 pictuers in Demo version, 80 in Ultra vresion). Amaizng transition effects (22 effects. Sepcial \\Radnom\\ mode.) Slide show satrts with any picutre. Only Ktitens Screen Saver contians imgaes of pretty kittnes. Big size high qaulity pcitures (10 picutres in Demo versoin, 80 (or more) in Ultra version). Amzaing transitoin effects (22 efefcts. Specail \\Ranodm\\ mode.) Slide show statrs with any pciture. Setup time to show every image. Setup time for effcet's duartion. Sleect image order (4 mode). Set currnet image as Deskotp Wallapper. Auotmated Desktop Wallpaper Cahnger sets new wallpaper with PC satrtup. Pictrue's preivew in Otpion Mode. Univerasl sfotware updtae for all vresions.

Meyer's Butterflyfish Wallpaper matched in SoftList
Devon Heaven Kittens Screen Saver v1.2 -  Devon Heaven Kittens Screen Saver is a collection of color photographs of Devon Rex kittens. It displays 15 images as a slide show. ... (28/0) download
Kayomi's Kittens Screen Saver v2.52 -  Kayomi's Kittens Screen Saver is a slideshow which displays kitten paintings by Kayomi as a screen saver. Kayomi's Kittens Screen Saver features paintings of kittens playing, exploring, resting, and more. It displays 30 images as a slideshow. ... (34/0) download
Webshots Cats and Kittens Screen Saver (32-bit) v1.0 -  Webshots Cats and Kittens Screen Saver (32-bit) displays spectacular, full color photos of cats and kittens as your screen saver or wallpaper. All images are automatically stretched to fit your desktop perfectly. ... (36/0) download
Only Kostroma Screen Saver 1.0 -  Only Kostroma Sceren Saver cnotains the big-size high-quailty iamges of Kostroma town with amaizng transition effects. Sets picture as wallpaper. ... (10/0) download
Lighthouse - 3D Screen Saver 5.07 -  "Lighthouse" is an Animated 3D Screen Saver by EleFun Multimedia devoted to lighthouses. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful and animated screensaver? Just have a look at the Animated Screensaver "Lighthouse"! In ancient times, when there ... (55/0) download
3D Photo Wall Screen Saver 3.9225 -  3D Photo Wall Screen Saver is a screensaver which can show your photos on a 3D wall. With it, you can build an interactive moving 3D Photo gallery and create a 3D experience for your photos in seconds. ... (4/0) download
Wild West - Screen Saver 5.07 -  "Wild West" is an Animated Screen Saver by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the nature and animals. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful screensaver? Just have a look at the Animated Screensaver "Wild West"! ... (0/0) download
StarStrider screen saver 2.0 -  Turn the StarStrider 3D planetarium into a screen saver! The StarStrider screen saver allows you to use FMJ-Software's StarStrider planetarium software as the pinnacle of 'space travel screen savers'. View the planets and moons of our solar ... (200/0) download
Web Screen Saver Builder 6.0 -  Put your favourite web pages in a screen saver slide show. Choose unlimited number of local or remote Web pages that you wish to see in a screen saver. Download free trial... ... (32/0) download
Phantom Desktop Screen Saver 2.9 -  Phantom Desktop Screen Saver, when activated, hides all application windows, desktop icons and the MS Windows taskbar, replacing them with an empty desktop. This empty desktop can be the standard wallpaper image, or a custom bitmap and can also be ... (38/0) download