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Flip Shopping Catalog 2.2
Flip Shopping Catalog is optimized to present your products/services, to impress and SELL. For each product of your presentation book you can add interactive photo and video galleries, descriptions and links to its webpage, add-to-cart button...
FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac 1.1
FlipBook Creator Professional for Mac is powerful untility run on Mac to convert common PDF files to digital online or offline brochure, product catalog, magazine, comic with fantastic flash page-flipping effect...
Flip PDF Professional 1.10.4
Flip PDF Professional allows you to build professional flash flip Books from PDF with the "page turning" effect for both online and offline use in minutes.

Parnian XTension 3.0

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(1Mb): 01 m 42 s
(2Mb): 51 s
(5Mb): 21 s
(10Mb): 11 s

QuarkXPress Arabic/Farsi Xtension. Parnian is a QuarkXPress XTensions that allows publishing in Arabic/Farsi. Ideally suited for professional publishers, Parnian transforms QuarkXPress into a professional Arabic/Farsi desktop publishing software, with no need for an Arabic/Farsi Operating System. Parnian is designed for use with Mac OS and Windows.

Free Photo Slideshow Maker matched in SoftList
Parnian Photo 3.0 -  Photoshop plugin imports text documents. Parnian Photo is an Adobe Photoshop Plugin software that automates import text documents (RTF, MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003, HTML, Zarnegar original format, Nashreh Alef, Vajeh Negar, etc.) in editable text layer. ... (331/0) download
Parnian for Freehand 3 -  Allows publishing in Arabic/Farsi. Parnian is a professional Macromedia Freehand Xtra software that allows publishing in Arabic/Farsi. ... (105/0) download
MarkzTools Updater -  MarkzTools III is an Xtension which can be used to recover corrupted QuarkXPress documents. ... (56/0) download
XtR Desktop 3.0 -  Xtension Recorder simply connects in line with digital PBX telephones and plugs into the USB connector on any PC. ... (1/0) download
Quark AVE Issue Previewer 1.7 -  Quark AVE Issue Previewer lets you test issue (.zave) files that you have created with Quark AVE Interactivity XTension a digital publishing feature of QuarkXPress and an optional module of Quark Publishing System so you can create and publish ... ... (3/0) download
XToons 1.0 -  QuarkXPress 6 tools. XToons is an XTension of QuarkXPress 6.0 that groups several tools. ... (20/0) download
Markzware PM2Q Updater 6.2 -  Update PageMaker to Quark utility. Markzware PM2Q is an XTension that can convert any PageMaker saved document into a QuarkXPress document. ... (44/0) download
Parnian Plus 2.0 -  Type Persian or Arabic in various apps. ... (70/0) download
JoUp 6.17 -  JoUp is a plugin for Adobe Acrobat Pro that offers users the possibility to impose their PDFs. ... (2/0) download
JoLetter 4.62 -  JoLetter is a QuarkXPress extension that allows users to generate mailing lists. It gets the source data from ASCII files containing tab separated entries. ... (3/0) download