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Password Organizer Deluxe 3.9
Password management software gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all your passwords, access codes, important numbers, login names, ids, account numbers.
Password Recovery Bundle 2012 Advanced
Password Recovery Bundle 2012 Advanced offers you the fastest and easiest password reset solutions which includes various password reset tools. It is an all-in-one password recovery tool designed to reset or recover passwords for more than 70 types.
my-iWallet 2.3
Biometrics is the use of finger, face, voice or iris recognition to identify a person. my-iWallet is an innovative application utilizing Biometrics to log securely onto Web Sites by simply Scanning your finger or face, voice or biosmartcard.

Password Safe and Repository Personal Edition Free 5.1.2001

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Password Safe and Repository Personal Edition Free comprises of all basic functions for password management. The Personal Edition is only designed for private users. Reduce time with Password Safe! Thanks to both centralised password management, you can save a lot of time in your business and ultimately reduce costs. Users no longer need to waste time looking in Excel spreadsheets or piles of notes for passwords, but have their important information always to hand in Password Safe. It is not unusual for the loss of a password to mean that the current configuration of a system needs to be modified. In some systems this can be a very time-consuming process. In some cases it is even necessary to reinstall the system. Such tedious procedures are a thing of the past with Password Safe. What is Password Safe? Password Safe and Repository is the complete solution in password and identity management. Its user interface is both intuitive and up-to-date, its functionality is without equal; this combines to allow any new user to build up a protected password database immediately. Password Safe has won many awards in the technical press and has a good user base in the sector with well in excess of 300,000 installations. Password Safe is available in many editions for a wide variety of needs, from the home user to Enterprise level for corporate environments. More informations on

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