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Pretty Good Solitaire 2k v6.1.2

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Pretty Good Solitaire 2k is a collection of 330 full-featured solitaire games, including classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid and Spider, as well as 32 original games. Features of Pretty Good Solitaire include: full 256-color graphics, over 2 billion starting positions for each game, undo to the beginning of the game, redo of all moves undone, automatic card moving, quick mouse shortcuts for easy play, win/loss statistics for multiple players, a complete history of all games played (scores, game number, date played), selectable card backs, selectable background colors for each game, the ability to choose one of 15 bitmap backgrounds included for each game (or use your own tiled BMP file for a background), "snapshot position&quot\; option which lets you return to a previously saved position, sound, automatic game saving on exit, and more. You can play groups of games together in a "tour&quot\; and keep a cumulative score. If you can't decide which game to play, the program can select a game at random for you. Pretty Good Solitaire 2k also includes a Solitaire Wizard, which lets you create your own solitaire games by selecting the rules for the game. You can create millions of different games. This program was formerly called Pretty Good Solitaire 99.

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