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Urografin 1.0
This software, using advanced visual chromatographic transformation program which conforms to human color sensation principal, enables you to find lesions and make diagnosis much faster and more accurately. Free for non-commercial use.
Sports and Fitness Manager 2.8
An easy-to-use database and a scheduler. It's perfect for coaches, fitness instructors, group exercise instructors and trainers to plan working hours so that the orders do not overlap with someone else and keep track of scheduled appointments.
Fatx Abs Total Trim System 1.5
Fatx Abs the Complete Fat Loss and Fitness System. With Fatx Abs you have a tool to run your bodys fat burning furnace on full speed 24-7 achieving your dream body as fast as humanly possible with minimum effort.

Pro Football Stats v2.0

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Allows you to display Pro Football statistics including player rankings according to the Perry Rating. The program presents a database of Pro Football statistics in spreadsheet style, featuring common data as well as the Perry Rating system, and enabling you to sort the data by any column, group your favorite players, and display interesting but trivial facts. The Perry Rating system ranks each player using a unique formula and is presented as an additional column of data for each player. It shows how players in a particular position, such as quarterback, rusher, receiver, and kicker rank according to their lifetime and seasonal statistics. The formula incorporates appropriate statistics, such as attempts, average yards per attempt, and touchdown percentage according to the position.

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