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Network Administrator's Toolkit 10.2
A set of network management tools designed for the corporate network administration. This toolkit consists of the two components that will monitor your corporate servers availability and performance and inventory user workstations.
netBerry 1.1
The complete set of network management tools in one box: network inventory, remote desktop, remote processes view, equipped with the standard tools like remote services management or remote Registry editor.
Internet Cafe Software 10.1.0
Antamedia Internet Cafe controls, secures, and enhances the running of your Internet cafe, gaming center, library, school or hotel public computers. The software restricts access to the system, desktop, drivers, folders and programs.

Qcheck v1.3

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Allows you to assess the performance of your network. In the past, ping has been the standard connectivity test for IP networks, but it had significant limitations. Qcheck offers more accurate measurements across a broader set of tests. The program provides a more realistic assessment of network performance because it sends real application flows, not ICMP messages, across the network. It also tests network throughput, in addition to network response time, and determines whether a network can support multimedia traffic. Qcheck measures network performance between any two computers in a network, regardless of their location from your desktop, and can test performance on TCP, UDP, IPX, and SPX networks. In addition, it provides diagnostic information about computers, such as operating system levels, physical memory, and CPU utilization.