QDCat 3.1.0

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QDCat - creates web storefronts QDCat is a easy-to-use program for producing web shopfront catalogues. After entering the information for each product, or importing a comma delimited file from a spreadsheet, QDCat will generate the catalogue, complete with shopping basket and order form.The appearance can be customised, including fonts, backgrounds, and common images such as bullets. Items can be shown one or many to a page, or in space saving tables. Each item can have one or two associated images, and options such as colour and size can be included.Delivery costs and tax can be calculated with the order, and all prices displayed in multiple currencies.Orders can be processed in a number of ways. The shopfront can link into on-line credit card systems sch as WorldPay or Secure Trading, or you can have your orders emailed to you. Alternatively, the order form can be linked into common cgi scripts or a custom system.Other features include a search facility, the ability to use multi byte fonts for languages such as Japanese.