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HSLAB Print Logger EE 5.1.51
Reduce your printing expenses by setting quotas for printing! The Print Logger softwareis intended for control and auditing of printer activity. The program monitors the printtasks on the computer for which it is installed.
HSLAB Print Logger EE 5.5.830.2010
Reduce your printing exps by setting quota for printing! The HSLAB Print Logger print management software is designed for control and auditing of printer activity. The HSLAB Print Logger monitors the print jobs on the computer where it is installed.
SmartVizor Variable Barcode Label Printing Software
An advanced,stand alone,powerful and extremely easy to use printing tool that allows you to create templates with variable data by using a large variety of databases for Variable Barcode Label Printing Software.

Remote Queue Manager Professional 5.50

Remote Queue Manager Professional 5.50
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Each time you use the "Print" ability in one of your program, the information goes to a spool on your hard disk before being sent to the printer. If you are printing a number of files, they form a print queue. Even if you have only one printer directly connected to your workstation, it's easy to get into a mess. Print jobs have a lot of complicated parameters. Simply by selecting a wrong page size/orientation, a wrong color or a page collating mode, you can end up with lots of wasted paper, ink, time and patience. Worst of all is that the jobs themselves have a tendency to contain errors. Necessary corrections always come to your attention only after sending a data to the printer.

In situations where several people share the same printer across a group, this issue occurs frequently and a good, reliable tool to manage the printer queue is a must. Unfortunately, normal methods of printer queue management provided in Windows are rather limited. You have to distinguish jobs by their not very informative names and generally "Cancel" is the only action available. In addition, to control a remote printer's queue, you need to install its drivers on your local computer.

Remote Queue Manager is a professional solution to manage print jobs. There is no requirement to install any drivers to control a remote printer. The program uses the remote PC's drivers. Instead of looking through non-descriptive job names, Remote Queue Manager lets you visually preview files in the spool. Easily connect to a remote printer cancelling unwanted jobs or changing their priority. The software also allows you to view properties for every printer job (paper size and orientation, printing preferences etc).

Do you have more than one printer in your network? If so, that's NOT an issue. Remote Queue Manager lets you manage all the printers in your organization, right from where you sit.

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