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RSP Parallel Port Connection OCX 1.2.0

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ActiveX OCX to connect two PCs using a LapLink parallel cable ( Turbo cable ) , the connection don't requires any other software installed in order to work , it can transfer files in any Windows based machine ActiveX OCX to connect two PCs using a LapLink parallel cable ( Turbo cable ) , the connection don't requires any other software installed in order to work , it can transfer files in any Windows based machine , just plug the cable , start the application and the connection is ready to be used , the control has a very easy to use interface , and very intuitive , the transmission is checked for errors during the transfer , and with full error handling support capable of reporting any possible error that can occur , the transmission occurs in a four bits ( a nibble ) per accepted clock cicle ( limited to the speed of your internal ISA control , normally 1 megahertz ) , this limited is based in the 5 bits transfer limit on a LapLink cable , then one bit is used for sincronization while 4 is used for transfer of data , several new features will be added to the future releases , future versions may have EPP and ECP support

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