Scott Mills - Flirt Doctor 1.0

Scott Mills - Flirt Doctor 1.0

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Everybody's favourite DJ and now officially a Doctor (of Arts), Scott Mills offers the very best flirting advice. Use Flirt Doctor whenever you need a new chatup line to try - wherever you are. For just 59p there are more lines than you'll ever need - so download right now and give it a try. It's a Magic 8 Ball for Flirting! Just shake your iPod or iTouch and Scott will give you a new line each time.

Here's a message from Scott >>
This is my official iPhone App!
I thought it was time to give some flirting advice on my very own App. Well, even the Hoff has one so why can't I? I hope it helps you out in a tricky situation when you might need a little push to chat someone up. Find the line that suits your situation and sense of humourand good luck! I hope you get lucky one way or another

Love you!

Scott x

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