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Scott's Pinger Lite - Free Website Monitor 1.1.1

Scott's Pinger Lite - Free Website Monitor 1.1.1

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From the developer of the Award Winning Conversion Calculator App, "Mila's Tools", comes "Scott's Pinger" - an elegant, no frills, easy-to-use on-demand web site status checker.

- - - -

If there's a specific option or feature you'd like to see added, stop by, leave me a comment, and I'll see about getting it into the next release. Thanks!

- - - -

- What does "Scott's Pinger" do?
Scott's Pinger sends HTTP GET or HEAD requests to sites you specify and reports back the time it took to receive the payload back from the server. As a web developer, I was looking for a simple way to check site status and response time on the run so, I built "Scott's Pinger."

It is important to note that, while "Scott's Pinger" can be considered a quick means of acquiring web site status, it should NOT be considered a full fledged web site monitoring service as no status notifications are sent in the event your web site is down while the monitor is not running.

It should also be noted that "Scott's Pinger" is actually not technically a "Pinger" in that ICMP is not used but rather HTTP GET and HEAD requests are used to achieve the "Ping." As is the case, Scott's Pinger can also be used to prime the cache on your server. "Scott's Pinger" however was a far better name than "Scott's Web Site Response Time Checker and Cache Primer." :)

- When would I use "Scott's Pinger?"
You're at the airport, you want to check on your site's response time - use "Scott's Pinger." You're in the bathroom, you get a funny feeling one of your sites is down - use "Scott's Pinger." You're in your car, on the highway, weaving in and out of traffic like a madman, DO NOT use "Scott's Pinger."

- What does the "Warning Threshold" setting do?
The Warning Threshold setting indicates when your monitor should display a red indicator. EXAMPLE: The Warning Threshold is set to 500ms; a site's response time clocks in at 536ms, its associated indicator will we highlighted in red.

- What does the "Timeout" setting do?
The Timeout setting indicates how long to allow the ping to continue before failing with a FAILED red indicator. EXAMPLE: The Timeout is set to 5000ms and your site does not respond within 5000ms, the ping will stop and its associated indicator will be highlighted as FAILED.

- What does the "Ping Refresh" setting do?
The Ping Refresh setting indicates how long the monitor should wait between ping cycles. EXAMPLE: The Ping Refresh is set to 30 seconds; the monitor list will automatically recycle in 30 seconds.

- What exactly does the Monitor's MS time represent?
The milliseconds displayed in the monitor represent how long it took for the site's response to be received.

- Does the monitor continue to ping websites when the app is running in the background?
No. The app is only pinging when the ping monitor is visible. Remember, Scott's Pinger is meant to be only a "quick system check" tool and should not be considered a full-fledged web site monitoring service.

- What is the difference between Scott's Pinger LITE and Scott's Pinger?
While the Scott's Pinger LITE allows only up to 2 URLs, the full version of Scott's Pinger allows an unlimited number of URLs. Also, the LITE version is ad supported whereas the full version is ad free.
Changes: - iOS7 formatting fixes

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