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SmartCodeComponent 4.22
SmartCodeComponent allows you to easily add professional quality barcodes to Office documents like those from Word and Excel. It exposes a full range of barcode properties and allows precise control over barcode dimensions.
BulkQuotesXL Pro 7.0.4
BulkQuotesXL Pro is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher, designed to help you download free quotes directly into your worksheets and automatically apply technical analysis functions to the downloaded data.
Visual Options Analyzer 4.5.6
Visual Stock Options Analyzer (VOptions) is a powerful analysis tool for development, testing, and application of stock and options strategies. VOptions allows you to test your strategies, and explore "what-if" scenarios with ease.

Seer 1.31

Seer 1.31

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Seer is an application for the building, backtesting and optimizing of stock, futures and forex trading systems. Seer is able to backtest and optimize multiple systems, with each system using a portfolio of symbols across multiple time frames using advanced position sizing.

Regardless of the complexity of your system rules or the number of symbols used, Seer performs backtesting in a single pass with account cash balances and position values available for each bar (even when a forex pair doesn't contain the base currency). This allows you to build complex position sizing while managing your risk.

Seer supports a whole set of technical analysis indicators including a framework for building your own, using a simple but powerful scripting environment.

Seer also includes advanced order handling, with market, stop, limit and stoplimit orders all supported natively (backtesting and live). You can also place multiple orders per symbol, with implicit Time in Force (TIF) and implicit One Cancels All (OCA) options available.

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