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Secure Auditor 3.0
Secure Auditor suite is a unified digital risk management solution for conducting automated audits on Windows, Oracle and SQL databases and Cisco devices.
Windows Cleaner 2.1
Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics! Cover your internet tracks! Delete cookies, typed URLs and more!
KGB Employee Monitor 4.51
Monitor employees or remote computers in real time with a centralized, computer-based surveillance system. Whether you are a manager or a system administrator, KGB Employee Monitor makes it easy to monitor multiple workstations from a single PC.

ShadowUser Pro Edition 2.5

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Shadow User Pro is a tool created with the same target of Deep Freeze (another virtualization tool) in other words create a virtual profile of the user account and grant or disallow access to specific resources or directories within Windows. The main diference between both programs is that Deep Freeze locks up the whole hard drive while Shadowuser Pro lets you choose which want you want to lock. Its really easy to use and the learning curve is really fast, you only need to install it and restart the system, then he will ask you to activate " Shadow Mode" If you dont specify which directories will be available it will lock up the whole hard drive by default. You can use the exclusion list option to choose folders you might want to modify. There is an autocommit list that will allow you to modify files and settings on an administrator account, however the pop up message could be annoying, just like Vista User Account Control. It also includes a task scheduler, statistics and manual report options for user monitoring, really useful for parental control. ShadowUser Pro is really good for cybercafe business, gamers PC or public computers where system configuration changes shouldnt be possible or to protect about our computer from malware.

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