Simple Flash Card Maker 2.5

Simple Flash Card Maker 2.5

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Don't like our flash cards? Then make your own.

Simple Flash Card Maker lets you easily make your own flash cards. Either right there on your iOS device, or make them even more quickly on your computer (mac or pc) and import them using iTunes.
You can even download them ready made from the millions of sets available on (for free).

Each card can have combinations of text, images, sound or video.

The text can be in any language that you can enter using your keyboard.
Images and Video can come direct from your camera, from your albums or from your mac/pc.
Sound can be recorded live, from your music, or imported from your mac/pc using iTunes.

Cards within your deck can be marked to be included (or not) when you are doing drills.
This lets you learn the cards 10 at a time. Easily add 10 more when you master those. And after you have learned those 10, easily drill yourself on the whole deck so far. 10 at a time is a great way to learn even a very large deck.

Easily drill just the last 10 cards at the tap of a button.

During a drill you can see either the front, the back or both. Or you can rotate to landscape and see "Just the Card", one side of the card filling the entire screen.

If you get a card right it is removed from that drill (not the deck). If you get it wrong it's shuffled back in and it will come back again later.

You can also play a simple memory game (face up or face down) to test your knowledge of the cards by finding pairs of matching cards.

Simple Flash Card Maker is great for elementary maths and for learning to read.
It is indispensable for language study, and for learning vocabulary.
Use it to memorise your favorite Bible verses.
Or cram key facts for upcoming examinations.

Video takes it to a whole new level beyond old fashioned paper flash cards.
Kids can learn from short videos instead of just static text or images.
They can record their own voices for names of animals.

Video is also great for learning things like sign language where complicated diagrams usually just make it harder to get started.

Regular practise and review is the only way to memorise anything using flash cards.
You always have your phone with you, so use those spare moments throughout the day to review your deck and you will be amazed at how quickly your knowledge grows.

Dependency's developers have 30 years of professional commercial software development experience. This isn't just a hobby for us, it's what we do for a living. So this app isn't free. But it doesn't contain any advertising. And there is no in-app purchasing. And priced around the same as a good coffee, we think they are really great value for money.

If you have a problem please email us at
If all you do is write a review then we have no way to contact you. If you want to write a review please go ahead, but please email us too to give us a chance to resolve your issue.
Changes: Fixed a few small things arising from changes in iOS7.

Holding your finger on the card to peek now switches back as soon as you stop pressing rather than waiting 2 seconds like it did before.

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