Smith's Bible Dictionary 1.0

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The Bible, being a series of books written in different periods of time, contains numerous terms that can be difficult to understand by modern readers. It also features a great amount of characters that can create confusion among readers. Thus, a Biblical dictionary would be a great aid for reading and understanding the Good Book. This Bible Explorer add-on features Dr. William Smith's Bible Dictionary. It was written in 1884 and features the definitions of many terms used in the Bible, as well as information on the most important characters appearing in the different books of the Scriptures. Interestingly, the text of the entries includes the Bible quotes related to the defined concept, character or place. Those quotes are shown in hyperlink format, so you only need to click on them, and the corresponding part of the Bible will appear on the right panel. Other features include the possibility of taking personal notes about the definitions, highlight any part of the text you wish, and to add bookmarks to the dictionary. To get the Smith's Bible Dictionary, you need to download Bible Explorer core software, and then add this module. You will need to register to have access to the download center, where you can obtain this module and several others absolutely for free. There are also other paid-based modules that you can purchase at the developer's site.

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