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Elementals: The Magic Key Mac by Playrix 1.2
Plunge into the captivating world of magic and mystery inhabited by elementals. Embark on a thrilling adventure to help Albert, a young magician, restore the Key of Eiron and save his sister kidnapped by Sibelius, a wicked sorcerer.
Magic Seeds 1.0
Help Jane grow plants, take care of them, and protect them from pests and vermin. Try your hand at cross-breeding plants to get new varieties. Sell your produce and make money to cultivate your land, buy the lot and build your own house.

Spacefire 2

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(512k): 40 s
(1Mb): 20 s
(2Mb): 10 s
(5Mb): 04 s
(10Mb): 02 s

Based on Spacefire this game adds a hole new dimension to slaughtering aliens. You get new weapons and a lot of new prey.While the original SF is mostly based upon patience and waiting for the right moment to hit, you will now have to rely on your instincts to make the right decision in split seconds.Features:E Dozens of handcrafted levelsE Hordes of aliens. E Different enemy-behaviours keep the game fresh and excitingE Highscore trackingE You always have options left due to regenerating shieldsE Your vessel reacts instantly to your every command