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Championship Card Games for Windows 7.16
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Bridge Baron Express 18.1
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Championship Cribbage for Windows 7.40
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Spades the Card Game v3.5 beta

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Spades the Card Game is a realistic version of the popular game, complete with sound effects and music. Spades the Card Game is a realistic Windows version of this popular game, complete with digital sound effects and music support. Before viewing your cards, decide whether you want to go for Double Nil\; if not, place your bid. Not sure what to bid? Click on the suggested bid key and let the computer decide for you. Once the hand is under way, there's a Suggest button to help you decide which card to play. If you're already an expert at the game, choose from a variety of options. They include Play To points ranging from 250 to 1000, four speed levels, play with or without jokers, and set your suit order. Autoplay mode is also available. You may elect to see your opponents' hand and set their play to passive or aggressive. Plus, you can pick your opponent's first names from such famous trios as the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers, or dead rock stars. Spades the Card Game will be fun for novice and expert players alike.

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