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Universe of LIFE Theater 5.4
jk-ware Universe of LIFE Theater is a playful PC application with forms of microorganism. Idea of the game is, to let beautiful 3D graphic forms and surprising shapes of microorganismen originate in the following generations.
ExtraMAME 18.0
A small MS Windows compatible game GUI wrapper for MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator authored by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team. MAME let's you play thousands of old-school arcade games on your computer.
jk-ware Theater 4.0
jk-ware Theater is a playful PC testing application containing three games, Blocker Plains, Color LIFE Sound and Perpetuum mobile, that can be run simultaneously to evaluate PC performance.

Spec Ops II: Green Berets 1.5

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Spec Ops II: Green Berets is the sequel to the genre-busting Spec Ops: an incredibly realistic, real-time, third-person, 3D action game based on elite warfare units. Rather than just the stereotypical killing aliens/monsters from another dimension/planet/gate of hell, Spec Ops II sets itself apart from the rest of the shooter genre by incorporating real world military combat in actual hot-spot, real world locations. Spec Ops II uses motion capture data from real Green Berets, audio samples from real weapons, texture maps from actual locations and official military tactics.Spec Ops II is split up into five main theaters of operation, including North Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, and Antarctica. Or you can train at a simulated military training facility where you'll be able to hone your marksmanship at the shooting range, time yourself at the obstacle course, and test your mettle against some of the US Army's finest.

Pacman 2005 matched in SoftList
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Active Kill Disk PRO 5.2 -  Active@ KillDisk - Hard Drive Eraser is powerful and compact software that allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. ... (33/0) download
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Files Terminator Free Portable -  Files Terminator Free is an easy to use application that allows users to permanently delete their files and wipe free disk space. ... (5/0) download
Delete Files Permanently 11.04.01 -  Your deleted data from computer are not permanently removed but they are stored somewhere on the hard disk and they can be recovered anytime by using a data recovery tool. You need a file shredder tool to delete files permanently. ... (0/0) download
Avengers Alliance 4.0 -  Team up with the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and S.H.I.E.L.D. to harness the power of ISO-8 before Dr. Doom, Loki, and the world's most powerful villains beat you to it. Recruit your favorite Marvel Heroes, gear up and Assemble in this new ... ... (10/0) download
Agency Wars 1450 2.1 -  Become a deadly spy in Agency Wars, the best massively multiplayer online game for the iPhone. Embark on heart-pounding missions across the globe in numerous real-world locations. Protect the planet from evil terrorists, drug dealers and corrupt ... ... (18/0) download
Files Terminator Free -  Files Terminator Free is an easy to use application that allows users to permanently delete their files and wipe free disk space. ... (0/0) download
BCWipe 6.09.6 -  Permanently delete data and wipe free space with BCWipe. BCWipe is trusted throughout the U.S. DoD to securely erase files and folder beyond recovery - including free space, file slack space and MFT records. Available for Windows, Mac and UNIX. ... (0/0) download