StarLogin v5.1

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Combines numerous tools for aspiring astrologists and astronomers. For those interested in celestial bodies and in their possible influence over Earthly inhabitants, StarLogin produces star charts\; shows asteroid, comet, and star positions\; calculates planet aphelion, perihelion, and orbital node crossing dates\; displays moon phases and ages\; predicts lunar and solar eclipses\; and provides solstice and equinox dates. The program also includes interpretation tools, event charts, and house and coordinate systems for a variety of forecasting methods. You can find event dates and locations on a tropical chart, and see "aspects,&quot\; "midpoints,&quot\; "retrogradations&quot\; and more, for precise chart comparisons. StarLogin's "soul horoscopes&quot\; show symbolic planet cycles, and its "seed horoscopes&quot\; indicate Karmic causes of a current incarnation and life when interpreted in comparison with the "natal chart.&quot\; You can discover Karmic interactions between two individuals by comparing the seed horoscope of one individual with the natal chart of the other, and vice versa. "Space time&quot\; components display calendars, find weekday names of arbitrary dates, show Easter of any given year, display Julian days and Gregorian dates, calculate Greenwich sidereal time at midnight, and show universal and local sidereal times. StarLogin can present the rise and set hours of planets, compute the apparent angle and distance between two planets, find the distance between two places on Earth, and calculate alignment and angle differences among three Terrestrial locations. It knows astronomical and geographical latitudes, and much more.