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Stock Aides 1.5

Stock Aides 1.5

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Stock Aides 1.5 is a stock charting, analysis, and information retrieval tool which runs on the Windows desktop. It uses freely available historical and delayed or real time information available from the Internet as its data sources. The finest time line on charting is one trading day. It does not provide intraday charting, and cannot be used to make analysis for day trading.

System Requirements:

.IBM PC or compatible system, 300 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM.
.Windows 98, NT 4.0 SP5, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.
.Internet connection (broadband recommended.
.Microsoft .NET framework 1.1 or higher, which will be installed for you automatically if your system does not have it already.

Summary of features:

Price/volume/indicator charting. Unlimited numbers of charting windows. Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Candlestick, bar or line style. Four price MA (moving average) overlays with a choice of simple and exponential and custom periods. Volume MA with custom period. Allows drawing trendlines manaully on the chart windows. Indicator area allows Stochastic, RSI, ADX, MACD with adjustable parameters.

Volume analyzer derives support resistance levels w/ strength info.

Pivot point support resistance analyzer traces pivot points within a range and derives support resistance levels. Each level is evaluated with trading volume, ruling range, time, and number of successes and failures it has provided support or resistance since established.

General trend analysis and interpretations of indicators.

Miscellaneous statistics (such as the percentage of up days in the past month, or the volume ratio of up days to down days) and volatility data.

Information retrieval feature collects company information in one place for easy viewing. Company profile, fundamental data such as P/E, PEG, short ratio, earning report date, etc. Revenue data. Earning estimation and earning estimation history let you easily see the trend of the adjustment from analysts.

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