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Sync For SQLServer 1.4

Sync For SQLServer 1.4

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Sync For SQLServer is designed for software developers or database administrators who are working with the Microsoft SQL Server database. It compares two SQL Server databases and determines the differences between them. It generates a SQL change script to convert the database architecture with its tables, relationships, stored procedures, functions, ... AND DATA into the desired target database. The existing data in the target database remains completely intact.

This is an invaluable tool if you are going through rapid development and release cycles that require extensive modifications to the architecture of the database. You can save hours of work to keep your databases in synch.

Sync For SQLServer has a visual and easy-to-use interface both at the stage of selecting the databases to be compared and to view the comparison results. The software has a lot of options for comparing all relevant objects. The resulting change script can be edited with support of SQL syntax highlighting.

One of Sync For SQLServer unique features include the data migration from the source database to the destination database. Other tools don't offer this feature in one product, which is integrated with Sync For SQLServer. You can migrate the data in a lot of ways to get your data to the destination database where it is exactly wanted.

Sync For SQLServer is based on the Microsoft .NET framework. The very easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface applies the MS Office 2005 style.

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