SyncMate 2.4

SyncMate 2.4

SyncMate by Eltima is a sync tool, which allows syncing your Mac with Windows Mobile phones, Nokia S40 devices, other Macs, Windows PC, PlayStation Portable, USB flash drives, Google account and online storage.

SyncMate is offered at Free and Expert Editions.

SyncMate Free enables you to sync Address Book and iCal entries in your Mac with their analogues in supported devices. Google Contacts and Calendar synchronization is also available. With Free Edition you can backup these data online!
With Free edition you can also read SMS right from Mac OS X computer, share Internet between Mac and Windows Mobile devices, analyze information of the Windows Mobile devices connected.

With Expert Edition you can sync iTunesVideo, iPhoto, Safari and Firefox Bookmarks, Entourage and mail Notes, ToDo's, Mail and even separate folders between your Mac and Windows Mobile device. Create, send or delete SMS and install any .cab files to your Windows Mobile right from your Mac!

SyncMate Expert allows analyzing Nokia S40 devices Calls history on your Mac.

SyncMate Expert enables Mac users to sync To Do's, Safari bookmarks, Entourage and Mail notes and separate folders between two or more Mac computers. Since version 2.4, SyncMate supports Mac and Windows PC synchronization: Contacts, Calendar ToDo's, Mail and Entourage Notes sync.Synchronization with PSP lets you transfer and update Address Book contacts, Calendar, iTunes and iPhoto in your handheld game console in accordance with your Mac. You can backup PSP data to your Mac.

SyncMate Expert allows syncing music, images and even separate folders between your Mac and USB flash drives. You can backup your USB drive data to Mac. Synchronization via USB cable, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet (depending on synced device capabilities)SyncMate is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. Device compatibility: Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 and 6.5; Nokia S40 devices; MS Windows 200, XP, Vista, PSP (running Firmware 2.7.1 or higher)

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