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Map View
Map View is a professional map browser. Both satellite imagery and maps online can be viewed through it. With the cache technology, it improve the user experience of viewing map.
Pocket IE Form Filler 1.2
An add-on for Pocket Internet Explorer that automatically stores the information entered into Web forms and then uses it to fill them out. This insures that your passwords are safe and will not be lost.

The Flame 1.0b3

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(512k): 16 s
(1Mb): 08 s
(2Mb): 04 s
(5Mb): 02 s
(10Mb): < 1 sec

Extract QuickTime movies from Opera The FLAME will extract all QuickTime movies, including save-disabled ones, from Opera's disk cache.

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FLAME-SIM Interactive Demonstration 1.1 -  The FLAME-SIM application is scalable, allowing your training officer to set up new and complex sessions in as little as 10 minutes, creating unique simulations with a wide variety of potential outcomes that will help sharpen the firefighters&rsquo; ... (1/0) download
CGU Flame 1.1 -  The Flame is the award-winning magazine of Claremont Graduate University. It is published three times a year. Founded in 1925, Claremont Graduate University is one of the top graduate schools in the United States. Because the worlds problems are ... ... (1/0) download
Animated Thanksgiving Time Wallpaper 2.0 -  The wallpaper has a video of the Flame tree waving in the breeze. The tinted background makes for an interesting view. Watch this wallpaper on your desktop to remind you to be thankful and grateful on Thanksgiving. ... (72/0) download
Crazy Lighter - Gold 1.0.3 -  The iPhone app that started the lighter revolution has gone GOLD! Why do people like Crazy Lighter so much? It's all about the flame, baby! With Crazy Lighter in a dark room its just like having a real lighter -- all glorious, realistic flame!... ... (2/0) download
Fireverse - Hot Fire Special Effects 1.0 -  Ever wanted to play with the fire! Now you can :-)The flame reacts on what you are doing.- Blow in the fire- Move the flame around- Change the direction of the flameHave fun with this cool app! ... (1/0) download
Talking Dragon 3D 1.2 -  The sealed dragon is awaking in the end of the world, and In the depth of the flame.The dragon will submit himself to the one who releases him. Talk with him, he repeats everything you say with a deep voice.Tap his body, he interacts with you.... ... (6/0) download
Animate Fire 1.5 -  [Animate Fire] focus on creating the flame effect on your photos. The point is:we provide the animation of flame effect. You can synthesize your photos with flame animation , output into a video (3 sec), or still photos. *120 still flame ... ... (8/0) download
Magic Lighter 2.4 -  The hit magic trick as seen on youtube can now be yours. The amazing magic lighter moves with your iPhone. You can even blow out the flame. This is fun that puts you in the spotlight! Now with five different designs.See the video; Search on ... ... (1/0) download
CandleFire 1.2 -  The flame of the candles will light your room with a romantic atomosphere. Please put the phone near the wall side in an inconspicuous way and enjoy it with a quite real flame of the candle and BGM music.We have 5 types of candles. You can choose ... ... (1/0) download
Puppet War:FPS 2.0.2 -  ? THE PUPPETS HAVE DECLARED WAR ON HUMANITY!!! ? Battle the evil puppets with awesome weapons in this totally crazy, action packed, 3d FPS shooter game! Blow their heads off,chop them up or burn them with the flame thrower to SAVE HUMAN KIND FROM ... ... (3/0) download