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AnVir Task Manager Pro 7.5
Complete app that controls everything on computer. Monitor your system (replace Task Manager). Get rid of spyware and viruses. Enhance and tune up XP or Vista. Accelerate your PC and Windows boot process. Task manager. Startup manager.
Magic Utilities 2009 6.01
Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer clean and more stable.
Schedule Start Stop 2.0
Schedule Start Stop is a simple application allows you to schedule programs to run and close at certain times.

The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.45

The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.45

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This is the most complete and most effective PC Tuning program ever written. It is the Ultimate PC System Optimizer : a Task, Services, and Startups Manager which, thanks to included recommendations on about every Windows background task, empowers any user to streamline and configure their PC for speed and, above all, long term stability. As its name implies, this is also an absolutely essential tool for troubleshooting nagging and frustrating problems, as all the information you need in order to make an informed decision, is right there in a clear and instantly understandable presentation using down-to-earth language that all users will understand whatever their level of technical competence. And to complement the troubleshooting features of the program, The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT) also boasts a 'Regular Housekeeping' module to help you keep your PC mean and clean. As for network specialists, TUT also includes PING, Trace Route, Name Server Lookup, and WHOIS utilities to troubleshoot network problems. This is an absolute must alongside a good antivirus program. From the people who brought The Task List ( to the PC users community (

The Ultimate Troubleshooter is PC Healthcare, PC Repair, PC Tuning, and PC Maintenance in Plain English.

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