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Rapid-Pi 2.1
Rapid-Pi is an add-on for Microsoft Word (and other word processors) that provides a new, fast way to enter mathematical formulas, equations and expressions into documents. Rapid-Pi's text-based input is a simply faster way to input math.
Function Grapher 3.7.3
Function Grapher is graph maker to create 2D, 2.5D and 3D function graphs, animations and table graphs.
Random Number Generator Pro 2.18
Random Number Generator is a application designed to generate random numbers.

Time for Tables 1.1

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Time for Tables' original multiplication games and exercises, will help your kids to master their tables in a fun, non-violent and interactive atmosphere. Time for Tables makes multiplication fun and easy with 5 interactive and challenging games, interactive workbook section to generate an unlimited number of worksheets, accuracy and speed tests, progress chart/report to track your kid's performance over time and interactive tables chart & flashcards to aid in the learning process. Times Tables is the building block for many other areas of mathematics and, without a solid understanding of this in the early school years, a child may struggle with math right throughout his or her education. It is a known fact that kids learn much better when the learning material is presented in an informal and game-like environment. Time for Tables incorporates that idea through fun games and vibrant graphics. All of the games have 3 levels of difficulty to cater for the learner that struggles with tables as well as kids looking for a challenge. The program also features a results database that stores all results achieved and the details of the exercise for up to 1000 users. The results can later be viewed in the progress report. For additional motivation, each game has a top-10 high score list to encourage the learner to do better and faster the next time. In short, Time for Tables is the ultimate tool to help your kid's to know their multiplication facts while having fun and building confidence with mathematics in general.

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