Time Machine (by Cryo Interactive) v2.10

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Time Machine (by Cryo Interactive) is a 3D adventure adaptation of one of the most fantastic adventures in literature: "The Time Machine". The universe is a mystery that scientists explore to quench their thirst for knowledge. The most learned scholars attempt to penetrate the secrets of these forces that shroud the world. The most fascinating force of them all: time. Inspired by the work of H.G. Wells and the theme of time travel, Time Machine is a game of hitherto unseen richness and an atmosphere filled with mystery. The hero is Wells himself, projected into the year 800,000 by his famous machine that disappears on arrival. Wells discovers a future ravaged by temporal storms where people struggle to survive amidst the currents that drag their memories away into the depths of time. A world of sand and danger, where the sun never shines. Only one being will be capable of restoring the balance of time and help Wells find his own era again - a mythical being, a demigod, the Master of the Hourglass: Khronos.The completely original combination of the beauty of pre-rendered sets and the playability of the characters in real time 3D allow you to play Time Machine many times without ever reliving the same scenes. The hero of the game, Wells, changes age as he goes through time storms. The artificial intelligence gives each of the characters encountered a unique feel. The quality of graphics places this game just short of a work of art.

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