Track Weight 1.1

Track Weight 1.1

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Watch and track your weight like never before Track Weight allows you to quickly record your weight and view your progress in a colored calendar and a beautiful line chart. Your data are automatically synced through iCloud - so you can watch and track your weight on every iPhone or iPad you own! There is also a Mac version available soon on the mac app store - so your data will be seamlessly synced on your Macs as well!

Track Weight computes your BMI and body fat estimates. In addition, it predicts your weight in 1, 3 and 6 months using curve-fitting algorithms, and displays the predictions in the line chart along with your recorded weights. Seeing a brighter future has never been easier!

- Summary of features ?

- Calendar colored according to your weight management progress
- Line chart depicting your progress and 1, 3, or 6-month predictions of your weight
- iCloud sync with iOS devices and Macs
- BMI and body fat estimates
- Auto-populated input (based on the closest entry) makes tracking your weight even easier
- iPhone 5 ready
Changes: - Support for both imperial and metric measurements. Switch at ease when traveling abroad.
- Improved visual design for the colored calendar. Now it is even easier to get a glance of your weight management progress.
- Completely new design for t

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