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Yargis 1.6
Yargis is a pilot for the Earth military in the year 3013. Battle friends in space through creative multiplayer modes. Gravity physics gives Yargis an entertaining playing experience. Game controller support. Family friendly.
Astrobatics 1.2.4
Burst through all the missions of the fierce space war in this excitingly intense action game. Upgrade your space-fighter with weapon power-ups, rocket turrets, bots and additional weapons. Encounter enemy fighters, cruisers and ground defenses.
BrickShooter Jr. 1.2.1
A new variant of the popular and challenging game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. It contains special options that make the game play more enjoyable. Enjoy solving each puzzle and take your own sweet time doing them!

Trooper Assassin 1.0

Trooper Assassin 1.0
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(512k): 01 m 07 s
(1Mb): 34 s
(2Mb): 17 s
(5Mb): 07 s
(10Mb): 04 s

Trooper Assassin is an interesting shooting game for free. Blast the cyborgs that are running around each scene. Zoom in and reload when needed as you progress. Mouse to Shoot. R to Reload. Spacebar to Scope.

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