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Championship Card Games for Windows 7.16
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Bridge Baron Express 18.1
Contract bridge card game software. With more than 500 deals, Bridge Baron offers the most complete, easiest-to-use bridge software. Five-card majors, SAYC, Precision, 2/1, Acol, etc. Duplicate and rubber bridge. Hints at any time.
Championship Cribbage for Windows 7.40
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Ultimate Sports Book Manager 1.0

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Ultimate Sports Book Manager is a software application that allows a bookmaker and player to track wagers, download betting lines, and get final scores in real-time through an easy to access on-line sports book. The Payouts page allows you to view your wager results, determine which leagues/wagers are your money-makers, and track payments to and from the bookmaker and player. In addition, you can create any type of event to bet on -- from boxing, to the election, to Survivor. Your imagination is the only limit. You can even create your own custom teasers & parlays. In addition, Ultimate Sports Book Manager allows you to incorporate a season package into your sports book. A season package takes away much of the manual work involved with managing a sports book and allows you to concentrate on the more important details...making money!!!

Infinite Pass Klondike Solitaire matched in SoftList
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