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SafeSquid Composite Edition 100 ntlm.RC2.0
Internet Proxy Server with antivirus and Web Filter for Internet security, Cache, IP based Access Control, Authentication, Block - website access with URL blacklist and keywords; Block music, videos, flash, java applets, messengers, cookies, activex.
Anti DDoS Guardian 3.1
Anti DDoS Guardian protects Windows servers from DDoS attacks. It stops slow HTTP Get&Post attacks, layer 7 attacks, slowloris attacks, OWASP attacks, RDP brute force attacks, SYN attacks, IP flood, TCP flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, etc.
CCProxy 8.0
CCProxy from, is an easy-to-use proxy server. It's an Internet access controlling proxy software, also known as web filter proxy server. Besides, many people also use this proxy server software for Internet sharing.

UserGate security server 4.3

UserGate security server 4.3
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UserGate Internet server is a fully integrated, all-in-one gateway security solution providing extremely secure Internet connection sharing using simultaneous Panda and Kaspersky antivirus protection. Both the Panda and Kaspersky antivirus engines are fully integrated into UserGate Proxy. UserGate simplifies network administration by providing centralized management, which now includes DHCP support.

This solution is very efficient for setting up Internet access for small and medium size networks, as well as ISP services and home-based businesses. UserGate is easily managed, does not require special qualifications and sets up in minutes. UserGate 4.3 has many features to significantly optimize Internet traffic: web resource caching, web-filtering, ad banner blocking, and optional antivirus protection.

It has a built-in firewall, Authentication Client and many other featuresthat provide extremely high security capabilities. UserGate 4.3 includes support of VPN and ICMP protocols, which ensures the privacy and integrity of the information transmitted. It enables users to check the accessibility of a server on the Internet and to define packet routing. The new features implemented in UserGate 4.3 include: the ability to export user statistics to HTML, active mode for FTP-protocol through NAT driver, the option of HTTP-authorization for terminal server, and more.

UserGate 4.3 also allows for the managing of traffic speeds by means of NAT (Network Address Translation) drivers and the filtering of IP addresses through NAT. The performance of UserGate was greatly increased even when using a massive list of restricting filters. UserGate is a multifunction, stable and secure software solution that lets network administrators set up and easily manage their networkuser's Internet access. UserGate provides an extremely high level of security for Internet access and protects your network from various related threats.

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