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VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter 2.0

VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter 2.0
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VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter is a helpful and grateful application which can help you split PDF file by the text content in given position. With PDF Content Splitter, you can split a PDF to multiple PDF pages that have different text in the same specified position, and split a PDF to multiple PDF files that every PDF file has the same text in the same given position.
Feature of VeryPDF PDF Content Splitter:
1. Support all format versions of PDF.
2. Batch process that deal with multiple PDF files in one operation.
3. Split PDF files by the content in specified position.
4. Split pages having different text in the same specified to different PDF files.
5. Option to split when the next page has text in given position.
6. Split and then group pages having the same text in given position together.
7. Support saving multiple splitting rules.

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