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Visible Human Radiologic Atlas of Sectional Anatomy v1.0

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Allows you to view fully registered Gross slices, as well as CT and MRI t1 and t2 images of the same human cadaver interactively and at every level. All the anatomy is identified in full detail, labeled, and can be viewed in each imaging modality with a click of the mouse. Also included are 3D peel-away dissection movies of the cadaver. This state-of-the-art, interactive human sectional anatomy atlas goes beyond the pages of an ordinary textbook. The intuitive point-and-click interface enables you to quickly and easily navigate through the whole human body. It also includes review and test modes with scoring capability, and the ability to quickly and automatically follow the course of a particular structure. Please note that this Demo version contains one fully-functional module (the Thorax) and one dissection movie (Coronal Thorax). The full version contains over 50 axial sections with over 1,000 labeled anatomical structures.

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