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VueMinder Calendar Lite 8.3.0

VueMinder Calendar Lite 8.3.0
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Are you looking for a free and easy-to-use calendar program to help you manage your schedule, remember key dates, or gain a competitive edge in the business world? Look no further, because VueMinder Calendar Lite is the solution.

Forget the traditional wall calendar or calendar+email office suites. Those may help you schedule an appointment, but do little to help you visualize how your schedule appears based on event priorities, categories, or locations. For those capabilities, you need software specifically designed with a clear focus on providing the best free scheduling solution available.

With VueMinder, you can define events and contacts - and then easily link those with files. Events can be organized into multiple calendars and selectively layered or filtered in a variety of calendar views, as well as an interactive component that seamlessly integrates into the Windows desktop and provides quick access to upcoming events.

Despite the free price, this software is fully capable of performing features that you'd need to pay for elsewhere. For example, Google Calendars can be synced to your computer and even accessed while offline. You can also subscribe to other online calendars. Data can be imported or exported via the iCalendar (ICS) file standard, for sharing data with other people and calendar programs. Calendars can also be saved to web pages.

VueMinder is packed with a multitude of other innovative features to help make organizing your schedule easy. These include many simple touches, like showing details when hovering the cursor over an event, the ability to undo accidental dismissal of reminders, and a dynamically updating print preview window. Combined into a single package, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

If you're looking for even more, consider trying VueMinder Calendar Pro, which extends the Lite version with many additional features, such as calendar sharing over a LAN, 2-way Google Calendar sync, and email/SMS reminders.

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