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DataNumen Office Repair 2.6
DataNumen Office Repair(DOFR) is a Microsoft Office data recovery suite. It includes recovery tools for corrupt or damaged MS Access databases, MS Excel worksheets, MS Word documents, MS Outlook data files, and MS Outlook Express dbx and mbx files.
Volunteer Suite Ultra (IT)
Volunteer Suite Ultra is the latest generation for managing assets, locations, contacts, events, contributions and volunteer information on a limited budget. It bundling InTrek Ultra and MVP together.
Advanced ID Creator Enterprise 10.5.276
Create and print professional ID cards and badges instantly! Advanced ID Creator allows you to create great looking id cards. Use the wide variety of tools to add text, graphics, shapes, barcodes, shadows and other effects to your design.

Woody's Office PoweR Pack (WOPR) 97 v1.4

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Woody's Office PoweR Pack (WOPR) 97 is a collection of tools and enhancements for MicroSoft Word for Windows 97. WOPR (pronounced "whopper") includes useful tools and productivity enhancements that install as Word add-ins. You can choose to install all of the tools, or select any single tool to install. They were created by a group of programmers who live and breathe Microsoft Word 97.WOPR Enveloper is a fancy envelope printing utility that lets you create and print custom envelopes, complete with logos, graphics, return addresses, and notes.WOPR Two-By-Four lets you save reams of paper by printing in duplex, two up, or four up formats. You can also create tri-fold pamphlets, greeting cards, thumbnails and booklets.For file management, WOPR provides a file manager for performing all of your chores without leaving Word.The WOPR "File Save As&quot\; and "File New&quot\; commands provide enhanced replacements for the standard Word dialogs.The WOPR favorites function gives fast and easy single-click access to all of your favorite Web pages, Word documents and templates, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Access databases straight from Word's menu bar.Other tools include: a clipart manager that lets you preview images before inserting them into your document, a "RunWizard&quot\; for running all your favorite Wizards\; a QuickMarks tool that turns your number key pad into a document navigator\; Picture Tools for working with graphics (including cropping, capturing screens, scaling, and more)\; a utility for looking up US Postal Service ZIP+4 codes\; a right-click thesaurus\; a replacement for Word's formatting toolbar\; a better Style menu\; a better Fonts menu\; improved subscript and superscript formatting\; and much, much more.

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