Word Blast 5.0

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Guess the Word Before the Dynamite Explodes! WORD BLAST is now 3 games in 1: the original WORD BLAST game, plus WORD FIND and JUMBLE. The original game of WORD BLAST is a hangman-type program designed to help children enhance their vocabulary and spelling skills in a fun computer game setting. In WORD FIND, players search for words that are hidden (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally) in an array of letters. JUMBLE, true to its name, scrambles the letters in a word, and your job is to rearrange them in the correct order. These games strengthen one's typing skills as well.All three games in WORD BLAST use the same word lists. WORD BLAST comes with over a dozen specialty word lists (US Presidents, Tell Capitals Given States, Animals, Rocks and Minerals, etc.), plus a word list containing over 1700 words and their definitions. Easy-to-use menus enable the user to create new word lists or to modify existing ones.Up to 4 people can play WORD BLAST together, creating anenvironment in which children not only learn spelling andvocabulary, but also learn to work together. Points are awarded for correctly solving the word puzzles, and a scoreboard is maintained which shows the player's scores. Trophies are displayed for the top three scorers.Learning is reinforced in WORD BLAST with audio compliments.Each time a game is won, a compliment is sounded. If you have a microphone, it's easy to create your own compliments for the game, and your children can hear your voice praising them when they correctly spell a word. Visual effects, such as smiling faces, trophies, and ribbons also serve as praise for finding the correct word.With WORD BLAST, learning vocabulary and spelling is a blast!

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