Word Reader/Speaker for 2.0

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Word Reader/Speaker - NeuroSpeech WordSpeaker for Microsoft Word WordSpeaker - Word Speaker / Word Reader is add-on for Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP which makes the word document talk to you. WordSpeaker is today's fastest word reader, it provides ease of reading word documents and proof reading the word documents so fast. This word reader is used by millions of people around the world, since it is so small and compact to operate with. When already such facilities offered by default it is still better to have this word reader since it is simple to install and use. Amongs all other word readers, this gets installed easily on any version of Word 97/2000 or XP. This word reader requires simple activation by email for purchased full time version. Other word readers requires you to copy/paste etc and then speak, this is very dangerous while working, since copy/paste breaks the routine of work and you make mistakes since it is not easy to remember what you copied last. After you install WordSpeaker, it will add extra button with Speaker icon and Speak title on your Microsoft Word (Shown in the picture). All you need to do is just open your word document file, and select the text and click on 'Speak' button, it will open a small window and it will speak everything that is selected. You can control the speed/volume of text which is spoken. Also customize the Font.

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